Welcome to Tales from a Fishbox

Jazz shaking dry

Having found this blog you are probably wondering what it is all about. Basically it is a diary of my various wanders with Jazz, my English Springer Spaniel, and the discussions we have along the way. 1 It will mostly cover walks in south-west Scotland (Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Lanarkshire and the Scottish Borders) but we’ll also include places further afield.  I am going to start in 2010 for the main reason that I can’t remember further back and Jazz wasn’t old enough for long walks before that.

If you are of a particularly impatient nature and want to skip all this and-now-back-to-me tosh may I suggest you try out some of the menu options to find what’s on offer, or perhaps use some of the cool search options on the right to find stuff that might interest you.  If you are still reading then I can only assume you are a connoisseur looking for the best the Internet 2 has to offer…

I’m getting to the age (let’s call it late 40s) where my memory is going and I need a way of remembering where we’ve walked and what we thought of it. Obviously I could keep this in an old Midlothian County Council school jotter but where is the fun in that? With a blog I get to do the usual blogging thing: showing off. However, there is a slight chance that some of the information may be of use or interest to others and so I thought I’d share it.  Just one example of my generosity of spirit.

Rusty bench: a typical “Kev Photo”

Another benefit is that I get to show off some of my photographs. Obviously a lot will be of Jazz doing stupid things in hill lochs, but others will be what my family calls “Kev Photos”. These invariably don’t include people but specialise in things that only get seen in “arty” (i.e. pretentious) exhibitions at the Edinburgh Fringe. Now, I could cough up a load of cash to put on such an exhibition and get rave reviews by people called Tarquin in the parts of the Sunday papers that no-one reads, or I could put them on the web and spend the money instead on keeping the Chilean wine industry going. Tough call. So, you’ll see a lot stuff that I like – I hope you like it too. If you like something and want the full resolution original please get in touch: if you are commercial, I’ll be very polite. Here are some more examples:

Fish trap, Mersehead, Solway

Frost on fence-post

Trees in fog beside Loch Ken

Yacht, Crinan Canal

One of the real pleasures of walking is that it lets your mind wander into all sorts of weird places. Jazz and I have all sorts of discussions and I will occasionally share them with you. People who know me say that if I have a fault it is that I don’t have strong opinions on anything 3. However, here I am going to make an effort to say what I think. This will be wide-ranging and almost certainly boring to you – even my faithful canine companion frequently has that “Give it a rest” look – so feel free to skip, although you’ll be a poorer person. Think of it as the online version of the nutters at Speakers’ Corner in London: I’m the nutter standing on a fish-box spouting off a load of mostly harmless nonsense.

As a wee experiment I am going to pretend that I’m interested in what you have to say and so you can add comments to the stuff I write.  Update January 2011: the experiment fails.  Thank you for listening.


  1. If you were looking for something on walks with Jamie Cullum then you need to polish your web search technique. Although my Missus would definitely prefer that!
  2. Yes, Internet has a capital letter: it’s a proper name because there is only one!  It might amaze you to discover that incorrect capitalisation is one of my pet-hates: I think a fuller rant is in order.  Stay tuned.
  3. As Sir Humphrey Appleby said: “I don’t think we need to bring the truth in at this point.”