Then and Now

Most of the time walks with Jazz are not the exotic, long-distance wanders we have at weekends.  Instead, they are the daily, local walks as she checks up on the status of her friends by sniffing every bush and lamp-post in the vicinity.  Like every other dog-walking team we end up doing the same walks a lot and this means we get to see the same view at different times of the year.  Sometimes our longer walks repeat themselves and we see things in different moods.  In other cases I’ve found photos I’ve taken years apart of roughly the same view and the differences are interesting. 1

So this page is different to the normal posts in that we keep the position fixed and vary the time, rather than the other way round. 2  The idea is that I’ll take pictures from roughly the same place at different times to show the changes.  Use the back/forward buttons on the image viewer to see the change.  I’ll be adding to this page over time so come back often folks.

Falls of Clyde

Here are two pairs of pictures of the Falls of Clyde at New Lanark showing the difference in water level. The winter pictures were taken in February 2013 and the summer ones in July 2016.

Bonnington Linn, Summer

Bonnington Linn, Summer

Bonnington Linn, Winter

Bonnington Linn, Winter

Corra Linn, Summer

Corra Linn, Summer

Corra Linn, Winter

Corra Linn, Winter

River Annick, Irvine

This is a local field where Jazz likes to chase crows.  At the edge is the River Annick and an old dismantled railway bridge.  The river here lacks the discarded bicycles and trolleys found downstream but is still pleasant and is frequented by Kingfisher, Whitethroat and Goosander.









Cairnsmore of Carsphairn

I’ve done this hill of couple of times (once with Her Jazz-ness) and the mood at the top is stunningly different.

March 2008

September 2009

Warwickdale, Irvine

I spotted this old bath-tub at the edge of the field back in 2000.  Warwickdale was a meadow that used to regularly flood and was a great winter birding location with things like Water Rail, Whooper Swan and even Green-winged Teal cropping up.  However, in 2004 it was drained and a community woodland planted.  This was bad news for the winter birds but now that the woodland is established it is a good spot for walking Jazz — and is now great for Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer and Sedge Warbler.  And who can possibly fail to love an old, rusting bath tub in a field?

December 2000

July 2010

Lowther Hill

A couple of our walks this year have taken us over Lowther Hill: one in June and the other in November.  Here are the views from the road between Lowther and Green Lowther Hills from roughly the same spot but very different weather.



Dalcairney Waterfall

This waterfall is near Dalmellington on the lovely circular walk around Bogton Loch and Ness Glen.

February 2001

May 2010

December 2010

January 2012

Loch Ken

I pass this spot (NX653728) on the annual trip to the Loch Kee-Dee Marshes to look at the geese.

January 2002

January 2003

View from Gaw’s Bridge, Glen Tilt

This bridge crosses the sublime River Tilt just up from Marble Lodge. Cathy, Jazz and I did the walk from Blair Atholl to here in the Autumn, and Jazz and I returned on the way back from Carn Liath in the early Spring.  Here we are looking upstream; the main hill in the background is Bràigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain.

Gaw’s Bridge, Autumn 2010

Gaw’s Bridge, Spring 2011

Morning Walk

This is a part of our standard morning walk and so good to see the changes over the season. The pictures are roughly a month apart.

21 March

17 April

17 May

Wald Path, Durisdeer

This path leads through the hills from the village of Durisdeer. Sorry they aren’t exactly in the same spot: I had forgotten I had this old one!

August 2010

February 2012

Three Sisters, Hunterston

This imposing cliff is on the path from Hunterston power station to Portencross. When Jazz was a pup she freaked herself out by barking at the cliff and the echo of a huge dog came back!

Three Sisters, Hunterston

May 2011

Three Sisters in the snow, Hunterston, 3

March 2013

Birch Tree, Glen Lednock, Comrie

This lovely tree caught my eye when we were out walking and its position was just crying out for a four-seasons set of pictures. And so it makes a convenient excuse to go back in the other seasons!





Loch Bradan Reservoir Dam

This is the view towards the dam from the ford. As the observant will notice, the ford is under 5 feet of raging water in December and Jazz wasn’t keen on a swim!

Looking up Bradan dam

June 2014

Looking up Loch Bradan dam

December 2014


  1. Well, at least to me.
  2. For those of us brought up on Star Trek we are talking about temporal rather than spatial anomalies.