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Walk through the Isle of Bute

Rhubodach to Rothesay, Bute

Kyles of Bute

A beautiful autumn day was correctly forecast so we decided to finish off the West Island Way on Bute.  We did the first stage in the spring, the second in the summer, and so it seemed fitting to finish off in autumn colours.  Logically we should continue south-to-north, but with public transport on this section (let’s be generous) a bit sparse, I wanted to know I wouldn’t be marooned at the end of the island.  So sparing no expense, we took a taxi to Rhubodach. After laughing at how I mangled the name, the taxi driver told me that the locals call it Rub-a-Duck – an idea that appealed to Her Jazzness.

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Kilchattan Bay to Rothesay

Plan A was a walk in the Southern Uplands but the forecast of lightning put us off: the smell of wet dog is bad enough but singed wet dog would be too much.  So it was Plan B: the next stage of the West Island Way on Bute from Kilchattan Bay to Rothesay.  This turned out to be a great idea because we had a lovely summer’s day while back in Ayrshire the Missus was reading her Ark assembly instructions.

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Kilchattan Loop, Bute

West Island Way stone

I want you to keep this to yourself because I’ve found an absolutely superb walk and I don’t want hordes of riff-raff coming along and spoiling it.  Luckily, because no-one reads this blog 1 it shouldn’t spread.  It is the loop of the West Island Way at the south end of Bute starting at the village of Kilchattan.  This is a 48km walk along the length of Bute and has been in place since 2000, but I’d only stumbled on by chance recently.  We’ve decided to do it in three stages, and today we’d head to south as I’ve always wanted to check out Kilchattan having seen it so often from the mainland.  Continue reading


  1. Apart from discerning people such as yourself, obviously.