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Southern Upland Way: Scotland’s longest long-distance path going coast-to-coast

In Praise of Carsphairn Public Toilets

In any civilised country the availability of free, decent public toilets should be taken for granted. Clearly the good, civilised people of Carsphairn think the same because they have a simple, hygienic and free public convenience.  “Big deal” you might say.  Well, try finding one in Glasgow or Edinburgh or London or Paris…   As we often pass through the village on our forays into D&G, I’ve made “regular” and grateful use of their facility and I would like to say “thanks”. Continue reading

Clatteringshaws to White Laggan

Trees in Clatteringshaw Loch

Normal service is resumed. No more Android development this time: no, we’re back to Man+Dog wandering around the soggy uplands of south-west Scotland.  After this week’s storms we decided a good solid path was in order and so we ended up on a forestry section of the Southern Upland Way connecting up two previously walked sections: from Clatteringshaws Loch to the White Laggan bothy at Loch Dee. Continue reading

Lauder to Longformacus

SUW signpost

The third day of our weekend avoiding the Brat’s party and its fallout saw us back in Lauder with the help of another helpful parent for the next stage of the Southern Upland Way.  And what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was dreich and humid leaving us soaked with sweat at the end; today was a perfect late summer’s day with beautiful skies and scenery looking at its best.  This next section of the SUW is a wander over the Lammermuir Hills to the picturesque village of Longformacus. These hills aren’t what you’d call “Alpine” so the skies are huge: brace yourself for lots of big sky pictures. Continue reading

Galashiels to Lauder

Jazz on suspension bridge

After yesterday’s hills it was time to treat our legs to an easy wander and a stretch of the Southern Upland Way was next up on our master plan.  With the assistance of a helpful parent we got dropped off in a dreich but humid  Galashiels for the start of the walk to Lauder.  We were getting the tail-end of Hurricane Irene: New England got a metre of rain; Galashiels gets slightly damp.     Continue reading

Sanquhar and Mennock Circuit

This circuit developed out of doing a stretch of the SUW near Sanquhar to join up bits we’d done on two previous walks, with a loop added to go through Mennock. It had the advantage of walking through parts that I had previously only driven through, and that’s no way to appreciate stuff or stop to read information signs. Continue reading

Portpatrick to Castle Kennedy

Portpatrick harbour

If, like me, you thought that the Southern Upland Way (SUW to its friends) was just a slog across bleak moorland covered in blanket conifers, then today’s walk from Portpatrick to Castle Kennedy would quickly change your mind.  This is a cracking walk through a rich variety of countryside on the Rhins of Galloway. Continue reading

Curleywee and Lamachan Hill

White Hill to right of the SUW heading for Loch Dee

We’d tried to walk these hills last year but a strong wind made me worried that Jazz’s ears would catch a strong gust and she’d end up on the Antrim coast.  Now we were back, but still the wind was pretty strong.  Only later did I discover that Curleywee comes from the Gaelic cor na gaoith meaning “point of the wind”.  So it would  be a windy day – but the good thing is: it would be a warm wind!  Incredible to remember that only a fortnight ago we were in multiple layers in the snow: today it was shorts+T-shirt with SPF15 liberally applied. Continue reading

Euchan Water near Sanquhar

Today was dry but horribly murky. We had decided to do a circular walk near Sanquhar that took in a bit of the Southern Upland Way and then back down the Euchan Water. This part of the SUW is pretty dull (made worse by the poor visibility). We followed the path to the well-named Cloud Hill, the point we left the SUW when we did the Glenwhargen walk last year. There was still patches of snow up here and no footprints: this isn’t a well trodden route. As we were in cloud it was time to get the compass out to head across some dull moor to reach the road at Glenmaddie. Continue reading

Overfingland Circuit

Frost on fence-post

With the weather looking cold and grim, today’s walk was just a short circuit of some of the Lowther Hills to do a section of the Southern Upland Way (SUW).  We parked near Overfingland just north of the Dalveen Pass.  Our route was clockwise up the SUW to Lowther Hill then to Green Lowther and back down the Lang Cleuch.  Nothing too dramatic, with some compass practice thrown in for amusement. Continue reading