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Mention of my SPOT Messenger

Carn Liath and Forest Lodge, Glen Tilt

Approach to Carn Liath from Loch Moraig

The missus and I have been going on holiday to Blair Atholl for over 20 years and every time we go up the Killiecrankie by-pass we see Carn Liath towering ahead of us and I say “I really must do that someday” and then never do.  Well, a bit of heavy rain gave me the chance.  The original plan was to walk from Blair Atholl through Glen Tilt to Deeside.  This was abandoned after I read I’d have to cross a ford that was dangerous with the river in spate: Carn Liath became the back-up plan. Continue reading

Hunterston and Portencross Circuit

First Peacock butterfly of the year

I hereby declare Spring 2011 has arrived. OK, so the equinox isn’t for a couple of days, but Spring certainly looked like it was here today as we did our usual circuit around Portencross and Hunterston. We do this walk a few times a year and it has a lot of variety and good scenery to keep you entertained. Continue reading

Moorbrock Hill

Jazz on the track to Moorbrock

This was third-time lucky at starting this walk: previous attempts thwarted by bad weather: what has become known as “The Curse of Miller”. 1  But today the sky was blue and the sun shone 2 and Spring was definitely just around the corner. Continue reading


  1. The Curse did try to screw things up today as the B729 that we would use was closed at Carsphairn due to subsidence but my trusty sat-nav found an interesting detour beside a Llama farm!
  2. Did not apply to Ayrshire which had mist all day. Shame.

Talking to the Stars

One of the big advantages of going walking in somewhere remote like the Galloway Forest Park is that during the entire day you can meet no-one.  This is also the main disadvantage because if something nasty should happen to you, e.g. break a leg, then it could be a long wait before someone comes along and you end up as Raven-food.   And don’t even think about trying to get a mobile phone signal here either. 1  Obviously we leave a note of where we are going but that is usually the car park and who knows where we end up (certainly not me or my trusty navigator). 2  So when I heard about the SPOT Messenger device it sounded ideal and would mean Cathy didn’t worry. So here is a quick review of using it. Continue reading


  1. I’ve tried training Jazz but the “go to the nearest house and bring help” command is still a bit beyond her.
  2. And we’ve been known to change our minds, e.g. if the weather is looking iffy.