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Strathblane to Kilsyth

Canal near Kilsyth

Canal near Kilsyth

A bit of good luck today: the Missus wanted to cycle to see the Falkirk Wheel and offered us a drop-off and pick-up: this meant we could do another linear section of the John Muir Trail. So we were back in Strathblane heading east. It was a lovely summer’s day and the only grit in the oyster was the memory that last time we did a section of the Forth-Clyde Canal the cycling hordes were a pain. Surely I was just in a bad mood then; it’ll be better today. Nope.

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Durisdeer Hills

Durisdeer church

Readers with an excellent memory or fabulous text searching techniques will remember a walk from August 2010 where we were unimpressed with some Donalds near Durisdeer but thought the other hills in the area would make a much better day out.  Well, today we were back to find out, and to play around in some of that white stuff you’re meant to get in winter but which seems pretty scarce this year 1. Continue reading


  1. Probably caused by the BBC’s “It’s going to be another great year for Scottish skiing” report they did when Cairngorm had a snow flurry back in November.