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Culter Fell and Friends

Culter Fell from Hillshaw Head

The map just south of Biggar goes all brown and contoury 1 and is an area we usually just drive passed. Well, a bit of winter planning came up with a route that takes in one of the bigger lumps, Culter Fell and a few of its friends in a nice circuit taking in four Donalds and so today my legs got a much-needed stretch on a beautiful Spring day.  Continue reading


  1. I’m sure that’s a word.

The Source of the Mighty Banvie Burn

Afternoon sun, Glen Banvie

The Banvie Burn starts in the hills above Blair Atholl and in its 8km life passes through some gorgeous scenery before it joins the River Garry. Every time we are up in Blair Atholl we always have at least one walk along its banks and it must qualify for my prize of “most frequent riverine lunch-stop” award. Today the weather looked favourable for a decent saunter into the Atholl hills following part of the old Minigaig Pass with the goal of discovering the source of the Mighty Banvie Burn. Continue reading

Lauder to Longformacus

SUW signpost

The third day of our weekend avoiding the Brat’s party and its fallout saw us back in Lauder with the help of another helpful parent for the next stage of the Southern Upland Way.  And what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was dreich and humid leaving us soaked with sweat at the end; today was a perfect late summer’s day with beautiful skies and scenery looking at its best.  This next section of the SUW is a wander over the Lammermuir Hills to the picturesque village of Longformacus. These hills aren’t what you’d call “Alpine” so the skies are huge: brace yourself for lots of big sky pictures. Continue reading

Grey Mare’s Tails and Donalds

Grey Mare's Tails

As keen followers of these ramblings will know, our usual planning process involves a quick check of the maps on a Friday evening with a glass of Chilean red for company.  Not so this time: the Brat had managed to persuade her Mother that a pre-University party wouldn’t result in the house getting trashed.  Jazz and I spotted the warning signs very early and made plans a month in advance to clear out for three days walking well out of ear-shot.  Today was the first day and we were doing a nice circuit of three Donalds starting at the Grey Mare's Tails between Moffat and Selkirk. Continue reading

Lang Cleuch and Enterkin Pass

Looking toward the Lang Cleuch

It has been a month since we were last in the hills, so my legs had gotten use to the easy life.  Time to get some altitude, and the Lowther Hills seemed like a good idea with a circuit from Enterkinfoot on the A76 beside the River Nith up to East Mount Lowther.  We’ve climbed this Donald before from the easier Wanlockhead side and the views were stunning, so we were looking forward to the view with our lunch. Unfortunately, the rain thought otherwise – probably just a result of me saying only a month ago that the weather was always great in this area: I should learn to keep my mouth shut. Continue reading

Lousie Wood Hill and Leadhills

End of the line, Leadhills

Lousie Wood Hill is a Donald stuck on the end of the Lowthers ridge and one we’d left for another day (the ones before it were dull and we’d got bored).  This hill isn’t exactly going to get the excitement mounting, but it made for a pleasant walk, especially when tagged on to a wander over the moors to Leadhills on a sunny summer’s day. Continue reading

The Rhinns of Kells

Awful Hand, Mullwharchar and Wolf Slock

There is something about the name “Rhinns of Kells” that is just lovely.  A quick check through my beautifully arranged and catalogued photo collection shows that it is 5 days short of four years since I last walked on this ridge and it was long overdue for a repeat. Last time I did it on my own 1, but today I had two companions: Stuart and her Jazzness.  Both had been making noises about doing “The Rhinns” for months now and today was the day.  This time was special because we were aiming to do the whole thing from [place name=’Coran of Portmark’] down to [place name=’Meikle Millyea’] in one jaunt.

Continue reading


  1. Jazz being but a twinkle in her Dad’s eye

Carn Liath and Forest Lodge, Glen Tilt

Approach to Carn Liath from Loch Moraig

The missus and I have been going on holiday to Blair Atholl for over 20 years and every time we go up the Killiecrankie by-pass we see Carn Liath towering ahead of us and I say “I really must do that someday” and then never do.  Well, a bit of heavy rain gave me the chance.  The original plan was to walk from Blair Atholl through Glen Tilt to Deeside.  This was abandoned after I read I’d have to cross a ford that was dangerous with the river in spate: Carn Liath became the back-up plan. Continue reading

Stinchar Falls and Linfern Loch

Galloway Forest Park sign

After awful weather yesterday, it was good to get out and walk in the dry today. The route was a forestry circuit I strung together while munching on the toast and marmalade. Thorough planning is essential! Today we would have a wander up the Stinchar valley to the falls and then loop round via Linfern Loch: nice forest tracks and paths all the way – or so my OS map promised. Continue reading

Moorbrock Hill

Jazz on the track to Moorbrock

This was third-time lucky at starting this walk: previous attempts thwarted by bad weather: what has become known as “The Curse of Miller”. 1  But today the sky was blue and the sun shone 2 and Spring was definitely just around the corner. Continue reading


  1. The Curse did try to screw things up today as the B729 that we would use was closed at Carsphairn due to subsidence but my trusty sat-nav found an interesting detour beside a Llama farm!
  2. Did not apply to Ayrshire which had mist all day. Shame.