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Loch Katrine Circuit

SS Sir Walter Scott

SS Sir Walter Scott

This easy walk (and cycle for those, suitably afflicted) is a great day out in the Trossachs. It also helps that the first third is on board a lovely old steam ship who isn’t coy about letting you look at her shiny engine: yes, the SS Sir Walter Scott. And it helps to pick a calm day, as we did, so that the reflections of the woods and hills in the water is stunning. Continue reading

Crinan to Kilmartin

Crinan basin, 4Who doesn’t like the idea of a walk involving some 19th century engineering and then going back in time to the Neolithic?  Well, it turns the Missus doesn’t, and with her eyes glazing over at mention of the chance to see Bronze Age burial chambers, Jazz and I knew we were on our own for a walk from Crinan to Kilmartin.  We were staying at the Crinan Hotel and so getting to the start amounted to falling out of bed. Continue reading

Woodhall Loch Circuit

With this damp summer continuing we decided to stay low-level with lots of options to shelter from the showers that seem to pass through every twenty minutes.  A plan was therefore hatched to do a circuit around Woodhall Loch and the banks of Loch Ken.  We come to this part of the world most winters looking for the geese so this would be an interesting contrast with summer in full bloom. Continue reading

Kilchattan Loop, Bute

West Island Way stone

I want you to keep this to yourself because I’ve found an absolutely superb walk and I don’t want hordes of riff-raff coming along and spoiling it.  Luckily, because no-one reads this blog 1 it shouldn’t spread.  It is the loop of the West Island Way at the south end of Bute starting at the village of Kilchattan.  This is a 48km walk along the length of Bute and has been in place since 2000, but I’d only stumbled on by chance recently.  We’ve decided to do it in three stages, and today we’d head to south as I’ve always wanted to check out Kilchattan having seen it so often from the mainland.  Continue reading


  1. Apart from discerning people such as yourself, obviously.


All roads lead to Straiton

Straiton is a nice place I pass through (perhaps with a visit to the excellent public “facilities”) but never thought to use it as a centre for a walk, despite the village advertising itself as “Rambler Territory”.  Was it just not wanting to be a “rambler”?  What a moron – it is a great spot and the community are doing a great job are making it work with a range of routes all nicely described on a walking map.  Jazz and I approved. Continue reading

Lang Cleuch and Enterkin Pass

Looking toward the Lang Cleuch

It has been a month since we were last in the hills, so my legs had gotten use to the easy life.  Time to get some altitude, and the Lowther Hills seemed like a good idea with a circuit from Enterkinfoot on the A76 beside the River Nith up to East Mount Lowther.  We’ve climbed this Donald before from the easier Wanlockhead side and the views were stunning, so we were looking forward to the view with our lunch. Unfortunately, the rain thought otherwise – probably just a result of me saying only a month ago that the weather was always great in this area: I should learn to keep my mouth shut. Continue reading