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Mar Lodge to Forest Lodge

Looking down the River Tilt, 2

Looking down the River Tilt

I’ve been wanting to do this classic route through Glen Tilt for years and today the planets aligned.  It isn’t a difficult walk but there is one obstacle that can seriously ruin your day if the conditions are wrong: you have to ford the Geldie Burn. If it’s in spate you have to retrace your steps as it would be too dangerous.  The reason I managed to persuade the Missus to let me go (and on a work day too) was that it was being organised and led by the rangers of Atholl Estates: yes, Jazz and I would have to be sociable. Continue reading

1.007 Mm

Approaching shower, Eglinton

At the beginning of the year Jazz and I discussed walking goals for the year and came up with three that would push us a bit.  They were:

  1. Climb Mullwharchar
  2. Traverse the Rhinns of Kells
  3. Walk over a 1000km on our weekend jaunts.

Why name a boat after a web browser?

The third was one we set after doing just over 600km in 2010: it seemed like a nice round number and lets us say we’ve walked a Mega-metre — a strangely forgotten unit.  Today we managed to tick this last one off with a half-circuit of Irvine to bring our current total to 1.007 Mm.  This is a varied walk on good paths, which after a weekend of gales and rain was the deciding factor.  After a month or so of a dodgy knee it was good to get moving again.  Now we just have to work on the goals for next year…

The Rhinns of Kells

Awful Hand, Mullwharchar and Wolf Slock

There is something about the name “Rhinns of Kells” that is just lovely.  A quick check through my beautifully arranged and catalogued photo collection shows that it is 5 days short of four years since I last walked on this ridge and it was long overdue for a repeat. Last time I did it on my own 1, but today I had two companions: Stuart and her Jazzness.  Both had been making noises about doing “The Rhinns” for months now and today was the day.  This time was special because we were aiming to do the whole thing from [place name=’Coran of Portmark’] down to [place name=’Meikle Millyea’] in one jaunt.

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  1. Jazz being but a twinkle in her Dad’s eye

Mullwharchar and Dungeon

Loch Enoch with Mullwharchar beyond

Mullwharchar apparently comes from the Gaelic meall na h-adhairce meaning “big lump of granite sitting in the middle of nowhere” (I’m paraphrasing here).   It’s the remoteness rather than its height that makes this a challenge (although it is a Donald).  No matter which way in, it’s a slog.  Jazz and I did a reconnaissance back in January using the route over the Wolf Slock and thought a trek in from Glentrool would be the better bet.  Well, today was the judge – and, guess what, we were right – just. Continue reading

The Wolf Slock

The Wolf Slock (L) and Merrick (R) from bridge over Eglin Lane

One of this year’s walking goals is to climb Mullwharchar: one of the most remote Donalds in Galloway and so a bit of challenge.  The standard route in is from Glentrool but I thought there might be an alternative by going over The Wolf Slock, and so today’s walk was a recce of the possibility.  To be honest it was really too good a name to miss! 1 Continue reading


  1. The Ordnance Survey’s glossary of place-names says that it means a hollow between two hills favoured by wolves (in days of yore).