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Glen Artney to Loch Earn

Kev and Jazz at foot of Ben VorlichRegular readers of this nonsense will know that planning is our watchword and so it will come as no surprise when we say that this little jaunt came to life one evening while perusing the OS map and helping along the Chilean wine industry while on holiday on Highland Perthshire.  I’d spotted a walking sign at the end of Glen Artney and by following the paths managed to get a nice linear walk over to Loch Earn.  Despite yesterday’s handbag-strap incident, the Missus was willing to do the car bit, and we were even joined by a friend (who we’ll call “Michael” for convenience): did no-one warn him? Continue reading

The Awful Hand

Most of the Awful Hand

It was time for the annual summer Walking Challenge and this year Jazz, Stuart and I had decided on doing the Awful Hand range straddling the Ayrshire/Galloway border.  But how to plan for the vagaries of the Scottish “summer”?  Well, our approach was to have a curry, get out the diaries and say “How does the 14th sound to you?”.  A simple and, as we’ll see, very effective strategy.  After the success of last year other people are clamouring to join us, and so our party was joined by Archie, an ex-Olympic coach (seriously!) and so someone used to dealing with performance athletes such as ourselves.   Continue reading

Glen Trool

Looking east along Glen Trool

Normally when we are in Glen Trool we are heading along the glen to walk the hills at the east end.  Not today, and that was a great idea because we ended up with a 5-star walk (and they are pretty rare).  There was no real plan other than trying to do a bit of the Southern Upland Way at the west end of the glen and add on stuff that looked promising: one of those nice “Where does that path go?” days.  Let’s just say the route was very roughly a figure-of-8 centred around the visitor centre at Glen Trool 1. Continue reading


  1. Although it’s currently a building site as they refurbish it, which meant no shop, and hence no lovely Galloway ice-cream.  Update 12-May: full service restored.

The Rhinns of Kells

Awful Hand, Mullwharchar and Wolf Slock

There is something about the name “Rhinns of Kells” that is just lovely.  A quick check through my beautifully arranged and catalogued photo collection shows that it is 5 days short of four years since I last walked on this ridge and it was long overdue for a repeat. Last time I did it on my own 1, but today I had two companions: Stuart and her Jazzness.  Both had been making noises about doing “The Rhinns” for months now and today was the day.  This time was special because we were aiming to do the whole thing from [place name=’Coran of Portmark’] down to [place name=’Meikle Millyea’] in one jaunt.

Continue reading


  1. Jazz being but a twinkle in her Dad’s eye

Portpatrick to Castle Kennedy

Portpatrick harbour

If, like me, you thought that the Southern Upland Way (SUW to its friends) was just a slog across bleak moorland covered in blanket conifers, then today’s walk from Portpatrick to Castle Kennedy would quickly change your mind.  This is a cracking walk through a rich variety of countryside on the Rhins of Galloway. Continue reading

River Doon Walk – Part 1

Snowdrops, Dalrymple Woods

Today was a bit different: a walk with some friends. When we have these occasional walks things always go slightly wrong and the organiser (usually me) gets the blame.  But not today: I had nothing to do with it, and took every opportunity to remind everyone.  But what could go wrong?  It just was a pleasant stroll along the banks of the River Doon, surely? It was a little hard pinning down just who was responsible for the route. The impression I got was that Stuart, Carol and Archie had all done various reconnaissance trips to ensure all was well. It turned out that there were gaps… Continue reading

Blair Atholl to Gaw’s Bridge, Glen Tilt

View from Gaw's Bridge, Glen Tilt

I don’t want to exaggerate here so let’s summarise this walk as: the best walk up the best glen in Scotland, beside the loveliest river, in sublime autumn weather, made even better by sharing it with the Missus. Honestly, if you saw this on one of those calendars-for-tourists you’d think the photographer had been at it in PhotoShop. It was ineffably beautiful. We’ve been coming here for a quarter-century and never seen it look so good. Continue reading

Millfore and Cairngarroch

Clatteringshaws and Cairnsmore of Dee

What could be nicer than a summer walk with your wife and some friends in the Galloway Hills? Well, it depends on whether you tell them how steep the first section is, how long the path back is, and whether midges are invited or not. Let’s just say that by the end of the day the phrase “good place to hide his body” was heard. Continue reading