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Castlecary to Linlithgow

Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk Wheel

Continuing the tradition of doing canal walks in July Jazz and I were doing the middle bit of the Central Belt’s canal network.  We were dropped off near the Castlecary arches and quickly reached the canal.  It was at about this point we discovered that the map was still in the car currently heading west. Well, we were on a canal and the John Muir Trail (JMT) that is sure to be well sign-posted: what could possibly go wrong…? Continue reading

Strathblane to Kilsyth

Canal near Kilsyth

Canal near Kilsyth

A bit of good luck today: the Missus wanted to cycle to see the Falkirk Wheel and offered us a drop-off and pick-up: this meant we could do another linear section of the John Muir Trail. So we were back in Strathblane heading east. It was a lovely summer’s day and the only grit in the oyster was the memory that last time we did a section of the Forth-Clyde Canal the cycling hordes were a pain. Surely I was just in a bad mood then; it’ll be better today. Nope.

Continue reading

Crinan Trail

Fishboxes outside the hotelYou may have been wondering what the Missus was up to yesterday while Jazz and I were having our antiquity-fest in Kilmartin Glen: it turns out she was exploring the Crinan Trail and she enjoyed it so much she wanted to share it with us today.  Unfortunately as we wolfed down breakfast in the hotel the rain gave everything a Scotch Mist grayness.  But then as we packed the car the blue skies developed over Jura and headed our way.  We took this as a very good omen and so headed off. Continue reading

Crinan to Kilmartin

Crinan basin, 4Who doesn’t like the idea of a walk involving some 19th century engineering and then going back in time to the Neolithic?  Well, it turns the Missus doesn’t, and with her eyes glazing over at mention of the chance to see Bronze Age burial chambers, Jazz and I knew we were on our own for a walk from Crinan to Kilmartin.  We were staying at the Crinan Hotel and so getting to the start amounted to falling out of bed. Continue reading

What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

Tow-path near Dullatur

With Last-born at T-in-the Park, a weekend of rain was expected and indeed forecast, so you can imagine our complete lack of surprise to have a lovely walk in hot sunshine.  A bit of a change this week with a nice circular walk taking in a bit of the Forth-Clyde Canal and the Antonine Wall near Kilsyth and so getting two engineering marvels in one go. Continue reading