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I’ve always been interested in space with Apollo 8 being my earliest space memory. This category is where I spout on about stuff up there and why being an astronaut was the least interesting part of the space program.

Hi Cassini

Earth and SaturnDuring our evening constitutional I mentioned to the Missus that the Cassini spacecraft would be taking a photo of Saturn and Earth that evening and we should get out and wave.  Let’s just say her response was underwhelming.  However, as the “Say Cheese” moment approached a bunch of Johnny-come-latelies like Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins started twittering about it 1 and the Missus started getting all interested.  However, with Saturn hidden by trees in our garden, she wasn’t interested enough to wander down the road with binoculars looking distinctly dodgy: she left that to Jazz and I.  So click on the thumbnail and look at this fantastic picture: Jazz and I are on the top-right of the pixel.


  1. I believe this to be what people with too much time on their hands call “social media”

Talking to the Stars

One of the big advantages of going walking in somewhere remote like the Galloway Forest Park is that during the entire day you can meet no-one.  This is also the main disadvantage because if something nasty should happen to you, e.g. break a leg, then it could be a long wait before someone comes along and you end up as Raven-food.   And don’t even think about trying to get a mobile phone signal here either. 1  Obviously we leave a note of where we are going but that is usually the car park and who knows where we end up (certainly not me or my trusty navigator). 2  So when I heard about the SPOT Messenger device it sounded ideal and would mean Cathy didn’t worry. So here is a quick review of using it. Continue reading


  1. I’ve tried training Jazz but the “go to the nearest house and bring help” command is still a bit beyond her.
  2. And we’ve been known to change our minds, e.g. if the weather is looking iffy.