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Queen’s View to Blair Atholl


Jazz surveying Atholl

As a birthday treat my family wanted to join me on this walk: I must be mellowing with age because it was actually enjoyable.  This walk starts at the Forestry Commission car park for Allean Forest near Queen’s View on Loch Tummel.  This road is exciting for its scenery, lots of corners, and the chance to meet either a forestry lorry or dozens of tourist coaches taking up the entire road.  However, the walk soon leaves all that behind and you have the place to yourself. Continue reading

Mar Lodge to Forest Lodge

Looking down the River Tilt, 2

Looking down the River Tilt

I’ve been wanting to do this classic route through Glen Tilt for years and today the planets aligned.  It isn’t a difficult walk but there is one obstacle that can seriously ruin your day if the conditions are wrong: you have to ford the Geldie Burn. If it’s in spate you have to retrace your steps as it would be too dangerous.  The reason I managed to persuade the Missus to let me go (and on a work day too) was that it was being organised and led by the rangers of Atholl Estates: yes, Jazz and I would have to be sociable. Continue reading

Beinn Dearg

Jazz on snow bank, Beinn DeargThe last time we were here, back in the autumn of 2011, stalking prevented us from climbing Beinn Dearg and so we had to be (very) content searching for the source of the Mighty Banvie Burn.  Today we had no excuses and to cap it all, it was a stunning day with blue skies, no wind, no insects, warmth and still enough snow to make everything stand out.  But we’ll have more to say about the snow later… Continue reading

Carn a’ Chlamein

Summit Selfie

Summit Selfie

Regular readers of this nonsense will probably be of the opinion that the author is passed it and no longer up for a “big day” in the hills.  You’re mostly right, but today Jazz and I fought back with a 10 hour walk to climb Carn a' Chlamein – a Munro in Glen Tilt.  My old Munros guidebook (pitifully unthumbed! – this would be number 13) still harks back to the day when you could drive up the glen: today we’d have to do it the proper way with a walk in from Blair Atholl and back out again for a grand total of 34km.  (I had discussed the modern alternative of cycling in with Jazz but there is no way she’d fit in my panniers, and running alongside is not something I dare suggest!) Continue reading

Grandtully to Pitlochry

River Tay at Grandtully

River Tay at Grandtully

With a damp day forecast and the Missus keen on exercising the credit card, it seemed sensible for Jazz and I to amuse ourselves with the short section of the Rob Roy Way from Grandtully to its end at ’Pitlochry’.  When I mentioned that lunch would be at a stone circle, Jazz was on-board as she loves the Neolithic. Continue reading

Glen Artney to Loch Earn

Kev and Jazz at foot of Ben VorlichRegular readers of this nonsense will know that planning is our watchword and so it will come as no surprise when we say that this little jaunt came to life one evening while perusing the OS map and helping along the Chilean wine industry while on holiday on Highland Perthshire.  I’d spotted a walking sign at the end of Glen Artney and by following the paths managed to get a nice linear walk over to Loch Earn.  Despite yesterday’s handbag-strap incident, the Missus was willing to do the car bit, and we were even joined by a friend (who we’ll call “Michael” for convenience): did no-one warn him? Continue reading

Strathearn Saunters

Seat on Lady Mary's Walk

Seat on Lady Mary’s Walk

Something unusual today: a tale of two walks near Comrie with a lovely lunch in the middle.  Each walk is about 2 hours long and so with a leisurely lunch it makes for a pleasant day out.  The great thing is that the whole of Strathearn seems to be great walks: everywhere you go there are signs pointing out another attractive path. The local community realises just what a gem they have and are keen to tell visitors about it to boost tourist money: it is working because we’ve just decided that we are coming back in May instead of the Algarve. 1 Continue reading


  1. OK, it won’t be as hot but Jazz can come with us and we don’t give any more money to the Ryanair git.

Ben Chonzie

Jazz waiting for lunch, Ben ChonzieIt’s been four months since we’ve been in Highland Perthshire, and that is clearly way too long: time for a long weekend and so the Crieff area got our tourist readies.  The Missus had a rush of blood to her head and offered to drop us off at the bottom of Ben Chonzie (with a silent “C”, Gaelic-fans) and pick us up at the end of the day: we jumped at the chance to bag another Munro.  So we headed up Glen Lednock to the car-park and as we did, the clouds dissipated to leave a clear blue sky and a beautiful morning.  As this web-site’s motto says: “Planning is all“. Continue reading