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Mar Lodge to Forest Lodge

Looking down the River Tilt, 2

Looking down the River Tilt

I’ve been wanting to do this classic route through Glen Tilt for years and today the planets aligned.  It isn’t a difficult walk but there is one obstacle that can seriously ruin your day if the conditions are wrong: you have to ford the Geldie Burn. If it’s in spate you have to retrace your steps as it would be too dangerous.  The reason I managed to persuade the Missus to let me go (and on a work day too) was that it was being organised and led by the rangers of Atholl Estates: yes, Jazz and I would have to be sociable. Continue reading

Insh to Grantown-on-Spey

Insh Church

Insh Church

To amuse ourselves while the Missus was finishing off the northern section of the N7 cycle route, Jazz and I decided to do the Badenoch Way and then the first day’s part of the Speyside Way.  Conveniently the two routes now link up in Aviemore (or will, officially, soon – the path is there it just has a few fences in the way…).  Although we split it over three days, we’ll join this all up into one, east-to-digest post that takes us from Insh near Kingussie to Grantown-on-SpeyContinue reading

Morrone Birkwood and Deeside

Cairngorms from Morrone Birkwoods

Cairngorms from Morrone Birkwoods

Amazingly this is my first time in Deeside: why haven’t I gone before? Anyway, suffice to say we’ll be back soon and often as it is simply gorgeous with so many walks to tempt us. The tourist info centre in Braemar had a leaflet that suggested a couple of short walks that could be joined together to give a half-day of variety and lovely scenery.  We bolted two together: the Moronne Birkwoods and a bit of river path along the Dee and Clunie to give a circuit around Braemar whilst never more than a couple of miles away from a coffee shop (yes, the Missus was with us again). We’d strongly recommend this to you. Continue reading

The Jazz Roadshow

The Beast in Callander

We realise that all this wandering around south-west Scotland means that other parts of the country don’t get the chance to meet and greet us.  To remedy this the Missus came up with the idea of a road-show with us out on tour around the country in a camper-van. She’s always fancied the idea of touring Canada in one of these things but, being a bright girl, thought it made sense to have a 3-night experiment touring a bit of Scotland, especially as she got an Internet offer that took 2/3 off the cost of hiring it.  As we had picked the middle of November for the jaunt, our usual meticulous planning had to consider other variables, e.g. were we going to freeze to death, will anywhere be open, and will we get any sleep when Jazz starts snoring in a metal box on wheels?

Continue reading