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Walks in this category are not in our usual stomping ground of south-west Scotland. Typically they are holiday walks or special trips. Some, gasp, may not include Jazz (e.g. if they won’t let her on the plane).

Sóller to Coll de L’Ofre


It’s back to Mallorca for a bit of spring-time sunshine, bird watching and walking with the Missus. This was our first foreign holiday without the brat and so we could do adult things like imbibing the occasional tincture and walking without having to deal with teenage sulks: all very enjoyable. In this post I’ll talk about the best walk we did: a part of the GR221 long-distance path from Sóller to the Coll de L'Ofre.  And I’ll throw in an anti-cyclist rant for free.

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Victoria Hill and Dalkey, Dublin

Coliemore Harbour and Dalkey Island

This weekend is a late summer family break in Dublin.   Her Jazzness is in kennels for a few days for some singing practise with her friends as Ryanair have this weird no-dogs policy (among many others).

We are staying in Dalkey (where the plague arrived in Ireland, apparently) at the south end of Dublin Bay. This is a picturesque village on the edge of Dublin where, judging by the size of the houses, the richer Dubliner resides. For a country on the verge of financial meltdown they are putting on a very good front: unless everyone’s sitting behind their electric gates crying into their mortgage statements and flinching when you say “negative equity”. Continue reading

Mallorca’s GR221: LLuc to Pollença

Informative sign-post of the GR221

In the UK we are used to our long-distance paths having attractive names such as “Pennine Way”.  But in Mallorca their long-distance path across the north of the island sounds more like a model of Tornado jet: the GR221.  But forget the name: this is a cracker of a walk!  I did the last leg of the walk by cashing-in a day-pass during a family holiday: from the monastery village of LLuc to the old Roman town of Pollença over the hills.  This walk is different in that my trusty canine wasn’t with me: she doesn’t have a passport. Continue reading