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Dumfries and Galloway. Covers the old counties of Wigtownshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Dumfriesshire. We prefer the old names but “D&G” is certainly easier to spell and type.

Overfingland to Moffat

Looking back at the car and Lowther Hill, 2It’s a May Bank Holiday with decent weather forecast, so obviously we are into “avoid-the-crowds” mode.  And where else but the Southern Upland Way (SUW) almost guarantees you’ll meet no-one the whole day?  So our eyes were drawn to one of the longer stages that we still needed to do in the western half, and with the Missus offering to pick us up at the end, we were set for the section from Overfingland to Moffat. Continue reading

Six-Lochs Walk – Again

Cairnsmore of Carsphairn from Loch Doon

Probably the main purpose of this blog is to remind me what we’ve walked and when. So it came as a bit of shock to find that the last time we did the Six-lochs Walk was over two years ago: it seemed more recent. Terrible thing, old age.  So I won’t bore you with details (pleasant though the walk is) but instead just show a few wintry photos of the Awful Hand and Rhinns of Kells to contrast against our summer vaunts.

Jazz with Awful Hand beyond

Sunset over Carrick Lane and Awful Hand

Sunset over Awful Hand

Rhinns of Kells

Dundeugh Hill, Glenkens

Jazz looking down the Glenkens

After a week of rain and with cloud sitting low over the hills, today was a day for a decent forest walk and Dundeugh Hill in the Glenkens of D&G seemed a good spot for a short wander.  This wooded hill is actually an island formed by the Water of Ken and has a tangled network of forest tracks – and we walked them all in order to give you a comprehensive report: don’t bother going up. Oh, you want a bit more detail?

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Boot Camp on the Euchan

In a curious coincidence my old pair of boots gave up the ghost at exactly the time I had a bit of birthday money to spend.  So I gave the family a shock by issuing the phrase “I’m off shopping” – normally this is about as likely as getting my A Rh+ out of granite, but my parents had obviously found my Child Benefit money behind their sofa and passed it on in a desperate attempt to get an upgrade in the class of nursing home I have in mind for them.  I did have some fun in physical shops buying stuff, but when it came to the boots it was a chat with Mr Google for exactly the same kind as before – as the photo above shows, I can be a tad hard on my footwear. Continue reading

Juncus Dance

The plan was to do a tarmac stretch of the Southern Upland Way (SUW) to the west of the Glentrool area and turn it into a circuit by following a path along the banks of the lovely River Cree.  What could be nicer?  Well, it turned into one of the least enjoyable walks in D&G and I include it here to remind me never to do it again!  And give you suitable warning. Continue reading

Chapelgill and Cardon Hills

The last time I took a day off the government’s ONS said that the country slipped back into recession, such is my productivity.  However, with a beautiful day forecast and everyone else working (i.e. watching the Olympics on iPlayer) I thought I could escape notice and so we headed for the hills.  The target was a couple of Donalds near Culter Fell with an Iron Age fort thrown in for Jazz.  We’ll just have to wait for the Q3 figures to see how much the economy suffered from our day in the sun. Continue reading

Woodhall Loch Circuit

With this damp summer continuing we decided to stay low-level with lots of options to shelter from the showers that seem to pass through every twenty minutes.  A plan was therefore hatched to do a circuit around Woodhall Loch and the banks of Loch Ken.  We come to this part of the world most winters looking for the geese so this would be an interesting contrast with summer in full bloom. Continue reading

The Awful Hand

Most of the Awful Hand

It was time for the annual summer Walking Challenge and this year Jazz, Stuart and I had decided on doing the Awful Hand range straddling the Ayrshire/Galloway border.  But how to plan for the vagaries of the Scottish “summer”?  Well, our approach was to have a curry, get out the diaries and say “How does the 14th sound to you?”.  A simple and, as we’ll see, very effective strategy.  After the success of last year other people are clamouring to join us, and so our party was joined by Archie, an ex-Olympic coach (seriously!) and so someone used to dealing with performance athletes such as ourselves.   Continue reading


Macaterick and Tunskeen bothy

As regular readers know, “planning” is the watch-word here at FishBox HQ.  Nothing is done without months of diligent research and planning.  So it will come as no surprise to you that today’s walk came about over the coffee and toast this morning with the maps scattered about.  The bothy at Tunskeen caught the eye and with barely a “We haven’t been there yet, have we Jazz?” a plan for an easy saunter along forest tracks hatched.  And, of course, plans change…

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Glenkens Circuit

Old Raleigh Bike Sign

Today we were down in St John's Town of Dalry to do a 12km stretch of the SUW that we’ve been leaving because it doesn’t offer the chance for a nice circuit, and is too short for the bother of arranging two cars.  And sadly public transport isn’t an option either: I think the bus goes on Tuesday and comes back on Thursday…  So we’d have to either retrace our steps or bash some tarmac. Continue reading