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Lochranza to Corrie

Kev and Jazz shadow on sandstoneIt has been said that I don’t do enough planning for these walks.  Well not this one.  This was a coastal walk that would be simplified if it was low tide.  I therefore arranged for my Mother to give birth to me so that 52 years later the Moon’s position in its orbit would produce such a situation. I had also arranged with the Jet Stream to park a ridge of high pressure over Arran on the day so we would be treated to lovely autumnal weather.  All was therefore set for the annual birthday escape walk. Continue reading

Kilmory to Whiting Bay

Looking towards Tighvein

We’re back on Arran to see what a Force 8 gale is like on an island. Answer: impressive if you don’t need the ferry. With a brief respite promised for the first half of the day we decide to do a bit of forestry walking on the south end of Arran on a cycle route marked as “traffic-free” – fortunately it was also cycle and people-free.

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Glen Cloy, Arran

Goat Fell ridge from Glen Cloy

Goat Fell ridge from Glen Cloy

After the success of our last boat+walk jaunt we were confident that another circuitous walk on Arran would meet with a positive response from the Missus.  So a mid-day ferry found us at the start of the wander up Glen Cloy. This route follows good forest paths and gives great views over to Goat Fell and its cohorts.  Continue reading

Glen Rosa

Glen Rosa

Glen Rosa

In our relationship the Missus is the leader and visionary coming up with the big plans and delegating to the “staff” the actual implementation.  So this week Jazz and I were a little discomfited to hear that she would be joining us for a walk: the annual appraisal comes round so quickly. The brief was simple: it must involve a ferry; no early starts, insects or mountain climbing; and make sure the weather is good. As you see: she paints with a broad brush.  So a bit of planning came up with a circuit in Glen Rosa on Arran, and we like to think we came up with a beauty.  Glowing praise at the end from the Commander-in-Chief meant it looked as if we’d succeeded. Continue reading

Glen Sannox and How to Buy Trousers

Looking up Glen Sannox

Glen Sannox

With the weather cold but dry the Missus was keen to do one of her favourite walks: Glen Sannox.  We did this on our way back from Kintyre last summer, so it would be interesting to see the difference in the seasons.  However, there was a little shopping to be done first to replace the trousers that had been covered in slurry yesterday and which were now being treated like nuclear waste.

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Lagg to Whiting Bay via Kildonan

Boulders on Lagg beach

Kintyre from Lagg beach

A weekend’s break at Kildonan on Arran and the Missus in a benevolent mood meant that Jazz and I had a day wandering around the south end of Arran doing a bit of their Coastal Way.  The idea was to start at Lagg, wander back to Kildonan for lunch, and then on to Whiting Bay while the Missus indulged in Arranian retail therapy.  As you know, our jaunts are the subject of ruthless planning and another factor this time was that the tides had to be right – and they were. Continue reading