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Dun Skeig, Kintyre

With a Jubilee weekend looming it was clear that an escape plan was needed to minimise exposure to all that royalist tosh yet take advantage of an extra day’s holiday.  We decided to go somewhere remote and  Kintyre sounded like a good idea, based on the following:

  1. we’ve never been, yet have seen it so often from Ayrshire;
  2. it doesn’t need us to go through an airport and so avoiding:
    • being treated like a terrorist;
    • a stupid weight restriction;
    • being forced into a space that veal would complain about;
    • contributing to the bonus of that smug git who runs Ryanair;
    • having to dump Her Jazzness in kennels.

So after a chat with Mr Google we ended up giving the hamlet of Clachan our custom for the weekend, and this turned out to be a great choice: it’s a very friendly community 1 with a 5-star walk on the doorstep.   Continue reading


  1. Hi to Gareth, Linda and Iain – and thanks!

Kilchattan Loop, Bute

West Island Way stone

I want you to keep this to yourself because I’ve found an absolutely superb walk and I don’t want hordes of riff-raff coming along and spoiling it.  Luckily, because no-one reads this blog 1 it shouldn’t spread.  It is the loop of the West Island Way at the south end of Bute starting at the village of Kilchattan.  This is a 48km walk along the length of Bute and has been in place since 2000, but I’d only stumbled on by chance recently.  We’ve decided to do it in three stages, and today we’d head to south as I’ve always wanted to check out Kilchattan having seen it so often from the mainland.  Continue reading


  1. Apart from discerning people such as yourself, obviously.