Wardlaw Hill

Jazz at memorial on Wardlaw Hill

As I was accompanying the Missus to a popular music concert this evening we only had a few hours for a wander. With lambing in full swing (and apparently the worst season in living memory) we decided to head for some grouse moors.  (And as an added treat, this entry is the first that uses the wonderful Ordnance Survey OpenSpace facility to display a map of the location and the route.)
The result was a wander up Wardlaw Hill near Muirkirk and the neglected twin of Cairn Table and something we noticed the last time we passed.  There was a memorial marked on the map which seemed like an ideal lunch-stop.  Although it isn’t dramatic or strenuous, I’m mentioning it here because the view from the top is superb (and I’ve added a few pictures as evidence).  We could see the Munros of the Southern Highlands, the Paps of Jura (130km away), Arran, Ailsa Craig, the Merrick and the Galloway Hills and round to the Southern Uplands.  If you are looking for a pleasant way to spend a few hours then we commend it to the house.

Arran, Irvine and Paps of Jura from Wardlaw Hill

Arran, Irvine and Paps of Jura

Cairn Table from Wardlaw Hill

Cairn Table from Wardlaw Hill

Memorial on Wardlaw Hill with Goat Fell beyond

Memorial with Goat Fell beyond

Memorial, Wardlaw Hill

Memorial to Colonel Baird

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