Strathearn Saunters

Seat on Lady Mary's Walk

Seat on Lady Mary’s Walk

Something unusual today: a tale of two walks near Comrie with a lovely lunch in the middle.  Each walk is about 2 hours long and so with a leisurely lunch it makes for a pleasant day out.  The great thing is that the whole of Strathearn seems to be great walks: everywhere you go there are signs pointing out another attractive path. The local community realises just what a gem they have and are keen to tell visitors about it to boost tourist money: it is working because we’ve just decided that we are coming back in May instead of the Algarve. 1

The first was a walk the Missus discovered yesterday after dropping us off, and so we were happy to pass the navigational reins to her.  It is a circuit of Laggan Hill going along Lady Mary's Walk 2 and then back along the banks of the River Earn.  The views from the hill are lovely over Strathearn and there are even stylish benches at regular intervals to admire the view while you get your breath back.

Next is lunch in Comrie.  We gave the Comrie Cafe our custom and didn’t regret it: the food and coffee were great and we recommend it to you 3.

Deil's Cauldron

Deil’s Cauldron

Now that's a seat!

Now that’s a seat!

The second walk starts at the edge of Comrie and is a circuit up Glen Lednock passed the Deil's Cauldron waterfall. This follows the steep gorge with nice woodland on both banks. Engineering students have constructed board-walks and secure  platforms allowing you to get good views of the waterfalls.  On leaving the woodland the road goes into open country for a bit before crossing the River Lednock and returning to the village on the opposite bank.  It’s an easy and scenic walk with the section near Comrie particularly well-built.


  1. OK, it won’t be as hot but Jazz can come with us and we don’t give any more money to the Ryanair git.
  2. Gifted to the people of Crieff by the local landowner in memory of his daughter – a very nice touch.
  3. Although this is an unsolicited testimonial we’ll happily accept a free bacon-and-egg roll next time we are in!
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