Dundeugh Hill, Glenkens

Jazz looking down the Glenkens

After a week of rain and with cloud sitting low over the hills, today was a day for a decent forest walk and Dundeugh Hill in the Glenkens of D&G seemed a good spot for a short wander.  This wooded hill is actually an island formed by the Water of Ken and has a tangled network of forest tracks – and we walked them all in order to give you a comprehensive report: don’t bother going up. Oh, you want a bit more detail?

Cairnsmore of Carsphairn from Kendoon Loch


We parked at the end of the track off the main Carsphairn road (see the map link).  We took a clockwise start beside the river (quite low because it is controlled by the dam on the other side of the hill).  The forestry here is mixed with a lot of open areas and it was here we got the best of the day’s birds: Red Kite getting mobbed by a Buzzard,  Jay,  Woodcock (thanks for lifting that, Jazz) and a solitary  Waxwing – which we needed for the year list.  At the twelve o’clock position we got a nice view over Kendoon Loch, its fish-farm and Cairnmore of Carsphairn covered by cloud beyond.  It was a still day and the reflections in the loch were lovely 1.

View from the top

From here we took the track that backtracked around and up the hill to eventually ended at the radio mast.  We did this so you don’t have to.  The only unobstructed view was to the south towards Loch Ken and while nice enough, wasn’t really with the effort.  I’ve included a photo of the view in case you are interested.  The radio mast has a noisy generator that broke the P&Q but on the plus side the microwaves toasted our sandwich nicely.

High Bridge of Ken

Instead of this loop we would instead recommend sticking to the lower path that goes down the other arm of the  Water of Ken and eventually back to the car park.  This was an easy, peaceful walk and the woodlands looked like they would be a good place to visit for summer migrants.  It would be a nice dog-walking layover if you were driving up the Castle Douglas to Ayr road.


  1. Although I did have to wait 15 minutes for the ripples left by a departing Cormorant to dissipate.   This taxed the patience of a certain Spaniel who went off and found our Woodcock.
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