Boot Camp on the Euchan

In a curious coincidence my old pair of boots gave up the ghost at exactly the time I had a bit of birthday money to spend.  So I gave the family a shock by issuing the phrase “I’m off shopping” – normally this is about as likely as getting my A Rh+ out of granite, but my parents had obviously found my Child Benefit money behind their sofa and passed it on in a desperate attempt to get an upgrade in the class of nursing home I have in mind for them.  I did have some fun in physical shops buying stuff, but when it came to the boots it was a chat with Mr Google for exactly the same kind as before – as the photo above shows, I can be a tad hard on my footwear.

Glenmaddie, Euchan Valley

Now you look a bright person and know you can get great bargains with a few minutes clicking. So the boots that the manufacturer’s web site were flogging for £120 became mine for £80 with next-day delivery in a 1-hour window. That’s what I call power-shopping. And so today we were off to break them in with a circuit around Sanquhar. The first bit is along the Euchan Water that we’ve done before and so won’t bore you with again, but it was nice to repeat it in autumn colours.  We followed the road to its end at Glenglass and then it is into the forest for a loop back to Kickconnel and then a bit of road-bashing back to Sanquhar.

Autumn colours

The boots (and the other bits of kit) passed with flying colours given it was a reasonable distance and varied terrain: it is unlikely the vendor will take them back now!  The walk itself was great along the Euchan; the forest was the usual D&G forest tracks; and the road stretch was quiet but dull, so overall this isn’t a circuit we’ll be repeating but we will be back to the Euchan Water.

Do It Again: