Kilchattan Bay to Rothesay

Plan A was a walk in the Southern Uplands but the forecast of lightning put us off: the smell of wet dog is bad enough but singed wet dog would be too much.  So it was Plan B: the next stage of the West Island Way on Bute from Kilchattan Bay to Rothesay.  This turned out to be a great idea because we had a lovely summer’s day while back in Ayrshire the Missus was reading her Ark assembly instructions.

The Plan, Kilchattan

Jazz heading for the airport

The route goes through the lovely woodland on the Plan Road heading for Bute Airport.  Back in April the crops around the airstrip had just started sprouting but now the fields were full of golden cereals.  The bays on the west coast were lovely with their great views over to Arran and Kintyre.

Thundery sky on Moor road

Arran from Gallachan Bay

Passed the golf course the path heads inland on a lovely grassy track up onto the moor.   At the top is a seat giving a lovely panorama with blue skies and white clouds to the north and west, and black clouds and thunder from the west and south.  At this point the Missus was getting drenched while we were looking for shade 1.

Argyll hills from Moor

The path basically follows the spine of the island with great views all round (including a downpour hitting poor Largs).  It eventually emerges at the main road and wants to continue on the other side.  Unfortunately the unfenced path now goes though a field of frisky bullocks which wouldn’t be to Jazz’s liking 2 so discretion/valour/etc. suggested we take a detour on the (fortunately very quiet) road into Rothesay.

This was a very enjoyable stretch of the West Island Way and one I’d recommend for an easy day’s walk.

Waverley coming into Rothesay

It seems a requirement that on the ferry home we pass an interesting ship.  Today it was the turn of the paddle steamer Waverley as she waited to come into Rothesay to pick up a bunch of drunken day-trippers.


  1. Must resist impulse to gloat.
  2. Nor mine!
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