Irvine Valley

So Where's the View?

Today was pretty murky so a local walk seemed a good idea. We opted for a few walks in the Irvine Valley around Galston. Jazz was born in the valley and so always nags for a return to her homeland.  The walks are well-signed at the various towns and there is a good web-site but it didn’t get the pulse racing.We started with a circuit from Hurlford to Galston and back on the other side of the River Irvine.  The first stretch is along a cycle path following the line of an old railway and then through  Galston: let’s just say it was a good time to catch up on my podcasts.  After crossing the A71 things improve as we go passed ruined Loudon Kirk and then followed quiet paths and lanes along the side of the river. It was one of those end-of-winter days that doesn’t raise the spirits. The adjacent fields were just green-ish deserts with only a few Yellowhammers in the hedgerows and Goosanders in the river to pep things up.

Stile with Style

You may remember my appeal last week for people to put in dog flaps when erecting stiles over fences.  Well, you can imagine my delight today at coming across a perfect example of what I mean: well done to whoever installed that – it should be made a British Standard.

Do It Again: