In the Bleak Mid-winter

Dipper, © Brian Orr


I always find this time of year a bit grim: grey skies, incessant rain, Cliff Richard on infinite loop, school choirs torturing some awful carol, TV Christmas specials recorded in July, adverts for perfume, a shortage of sprouts.  But things are about to get better…

As it is the Winter Solstice, Jazz and I were up at the Standing Stones to welcome the sun back.  Jazz had even brought along a Bonio to sacrifice to its first rays. Sadly we were treated to the solar equivalent of an 7W energy-saving light-bulb that could barely pierce the gloom.   

So we headed off for our morning constitutional around Eglinton Country Park.  Halfway round we heard a bird singing and didn’t recognise it.  It turned out to be a Dipper sitting on a stone in the river singing away. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one singing before, and this lifted the winter gloom nicely.  So while I’m still in a good mood, I’ll wish you Happy Wassailing this mid-winter.