Braised Bambi

With the distaff side giving my credit card a thorough workout in the “sales”, I was left to fend for myself. So I had a browse of the freezer and found a nice piece of venison that a parent gave me for fixing her laptop 1. Not just any venison, though. No, this was locally dispatched Roe Deer, so the provenance was first-class 2.  So what to do?  Well, a quick chat with Mr. Google and my good friend and TV food-pedlar Nick Nairn came up with something that could be adapted to my particular, exacting tastes.

So a great casserole that let this great piece of meat braise nicely for a couple of hours in that bottle of red a relative brought at Christmas that you wouldn’t want to ingest, let alone get on your skin.  Naturally, Nick was aiming for the popular market and needed a bit of enhancement: so in with the Scotch Bonnet chillis and some butter beans 3. And despite my best efforts there is some left over for the freezer and more flatulent fun in the New Year.

And on that happy image, I’ll sign off and wish you a Happy New Year.  Give your boots a nice clean because we’ll be off as soon as we see the sun (let’s say, April).


  1. As you’ll recall, Mater is granted this right so long as she keeps me in the will and provides local, organic venison.
  2. No, not road-kill.
  3. For texture and a promise of fun tomorrow.