Ballochmyle Rock Art

Today was third-time-lucky in looking for the famous Ballochmyle rock carvings.  It helps to use a map rather than blindly wander about asking locals whether they knew where the rock art was (uniform blank stares).  These were rediscovered only 30 years or so ago (and every account gives a different date!).  Apparently they are some of the best cup-and-ring markings in Britain and one of the few on a vertical wall.  They date from around 2500 BCE, i.e. around the time the Egyptians were busy building pyramids.  

We spent a while looking at the shapes imagining all sorts of things (stars, animals, rings) and how they were made.  The experts do the same.  Whatever they are, it is an impressive sight and well worth searching for.  I’ve put a few photos below without comment (as I know nothing about it 1): have a squint and look for the deer (the Spaniel should be obvious).


  1. That’s never stopped you in the past! – Jazz