1.007 Mm

Approaching shower, Eglinton

At the beginning of the year Jazz and I discussed walking goals for the year and came up with three that would push us a bit.  They were:

  1. Climb Mullwharchar
  2. Traverse the Rhinns of Kells
  3. Walk over a 1000km on our weekend jaunts.

Why name a boat after a web browser?

The third was one we set after doing just over 600km in 2010: it seemed like a nice round number and lets us say we’ve walked a Mega-metre — a strangely forgotten unit.  Today we managed to tick this last one off with a half-circuit of Irvine to bring our current total to 1.007 Mm.  This is a varied walk on good paths, which after a weekend of gales and rain was the deciding factor.  After a month or so of a dodgy knee it was good to get moving again.  Now we just have to work on the goals for next year…