Irvine Circular Trail

Cycle network sign

With the chance of heavy showers forecast, today wasn’t the day to be out in the middle of no-where, so we decided to do the Irvine Circular Trail, giving easy reach of home.  This is a 27km trail around Irvine using the cycle network and paths through places like Eglinton Country Park.  I’d done this years ago on a bike but today Jazz and I were walking it – and it was better than I remembered.
It was a good start: the first Swifts of the year were there to wave us off.  I’d remembered the cycle path as being a place where broken glass goes to die, but things had improved a lot (which was good news for those in the team not wearing shoes) – it was a good, well-maintained path. We did the route in a clockwise direction and it took about 6 hours.  The weather was very warm and Jazz was in every river and pool she could find. Naturally, the final hour was spent in a downpour – but at least it was warm water.  The path does a good job at avoiding the town and goes through some pretty areas that looked great in their Spring finery.  This was our longest walk to date, but apart from sore feet from bashing tarmac all day, this was an easy and enjoyable walk.

Bluebells, Dreghorn

Cowslip near Magnum

Cooling Dip Number 6

Thyme-leaved Sandwort

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