For Podcasts You Need the BBC

My boots listening to a podcast

Podcasts make life that little bit better. I realise that you may not live on the bleeding edge of technology like I do, and so haven’t yet grasped this reality, but it’s time you and podcasts got acquainted.  It’s nothing magical: just a programme that gets downloaded onto your iPod-type device for you to listen at your leisure. So basically you get to listen to stuff when you want to, without having to remember to tune into the BBC Home Service at 7pm on a Tuesday.
I use podcasts in two ways. Firstly, the daily wanders with her Jazzness means I have time to spare while she does her sniff-the-neighbourhood routine. Secondly, there are times on a hill-walk when you just know the next 30 minutes is going to be a bit of a slog and need something to dull the pain.  So, on go the headphones and it soon passes, and I’ve typically learned something that I can bore the Missus with at a later date.

So what am I listening to?  Mostly it’s science and technology stuff and to date the majority of it comes from the BBC.  This week however, I started exploring a bit and downloaded a pile of stuff from cool, techie types that I read a lot and they share a common theme: they are American.  It was a revelation.  The first thing to notice is the length: these guys like the sound of their own voices. And secondly, they don’t know how to edit.  So, despite their über-coolness they quickly met Mr Delete Button.  So it is clear: you just can’t beat the BBC – it’s when you hear ordinary people try that you realise just how professional the BBC are.  Well worth the licence fee.

Here are my favourites in descending order:

  1. Friday Night Comedy, BBC Radio 4
  2. PC Pro Magazine
  3. Material World, BBC Radio 4
  4. Click, BBC World Service
  5. Science in Action, BBC World Service
  6. Discovery, BBC World Service
  7. More or Less, BBC Radio 4
  8. Scotland Outdoors, BBC Radio Scotland