Euchan Water near Sanquhar

Today was dry but horribly murky. We had decided to do a circular walk near Sanquhar that took in a bit of the Southern Upland Way and then back down the Euchan Water. This part of the SUW is pretty dull (made worse by the poor visibility). We followed the path to the well-named Cloud Hill, the point we left the SUW when we did the Glenwhargen walk last year. There was still patches of snow up here and no footprints: this isn’t a well trodden route. As we were in cloud it was time to get the compass out to head across some dull moor to reach the road at Glenmaddie.
So far the walk had nothing to recommend it.  However, things improve hugely when we reached the Euchan Water.  This is a lovely glen: the river is a decent size and flowing over various cascades.  The banks have a lovely edge of birch, alder and rowan.  We took a pleasant track on the south bank and then crossed over to the minor road.   When we got to Old Barr farm we found today’s highlight: a beautiful woodland walk along the Euchan straight back to the car.  The path is well used and looked after and seems to be an old favourite: most of it is edged with the local brick.  This was lovely today but must be great in spring and autumn: we must come back then.  At one point there is a bench giving a great view over a waterfall that looks an ideal viewpoint for salmon jumping the falls.

Euchan Water woodland walk

Salmon leap, Euchan Water

Sanquhar brick

So, a walk of two halves: the SUW moor was dire, but the Euchan Water was lovely, especially the woodland walk to finish. It will be a good one to do on the various times we are passing through Sanquhar.  The ratings below are for the second half: the first half along the SUW we won’t be repeating!

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