It turns out I was wrong…

I want to prepare you for a shock: I was mistaken. When I started this blog I thought it might be jolly to allow the world to comment on the various things Jazz and I get up to and discuss. I know it was naive, but I thought everyone else was like me: smart, hard-working, decent and attractive. I expected the comments to be from kindred spirits talking about the walks, the landscape, and why Springer Spaniels are never going to become Crufts’ Obedience Champions. Well, I did get some lovely comments from nice people (as well as the expected gratuitous abuse from members of my family) but then it went downhill…

Imagine my excitement at a first “external” comment.  OK, it wasn’t profound but they said they liked a post and left a link to their website.  In Russia.  Bit odd.  But I’m a smart, hard-working, decent and attractive guy (see above) so let it go.  Then more came in.  These too were from people who clearly couldn’t put a pin in a world map showing where Scotland was.  A nice chap from China thought the post on a walk in Glen Tilt was “AWESOME” and saved him a lot of time – doing what, he didn’t say. 1  Then a new friend in Spain thought my posts were great and was so excited he wanted to leave a link to his pharmacological web site.   Kind of mi nuevo amigo.  Yes, with almost zero publicity our spamming friends managed to find me.

I learned a lesson.  Not everyone out there is as smart, hard-working, decent or attractive as me.  Some are knuckle-dragging, sons of bachelors that are just stupid, exploitative, ugly little lumps of pond scum. 2  So it turns out that I’m not interested in what other people think: if what they had to say was that interesting they would have their own blogs and I’d read them (and I do).  So I’ve turned off the comment facility and hope you understand.  But look on the bright side: without comments from the digital detritus annoying me I can go back to naively thinking that you are smart, decent, hard-working and attractive.


  1. Still, nice to see that all upper-case is still in fashion with the hard-of-thinking.
  2. Upon reflection that is very unfair.  Pond scum converts CO2 into O2 and so does something useful for the planet.