Isle of Cumbrae

Gulls, Largs harbour

Cumbrae ferry approaching Largs

It was time for the annual wander around the Isle of Cumbrae.  Jazz and I have done this a few times now and we prefer the winter version as there are fewer people around.  Today was ideal as it was dry and calm, and although it was a bit murky the scenery is always great.

Geese over Cathedral of the Isles

Our route is basically clockwise and goes over the highest point at the Glaid Stone before dropping down to Millport and then back along the west coast back to the ferry terminal.  It’s weird how after a ten minute ferry journey you can  feel the pace slow down and people just seem happier.  Today the skies were filled with lots of Pink-footed and Greylag Geese moving between fields and generally getting itchy wings.  The woodland around the Cathedral had the first Snowdrops I’ve seen this year, and the hedgerows had Honeysuckle with buds starting to open: all excellent signs that my favourite time of the year is only a few weeks away!

Railway sleeper fence, Ballochmartin

This isn’t a walk to rush: we did the circuit in about 6 hours with lots of stops on the benches thoughtfully provided at every good viewpoint. 1.


  1. I’ve always liked these and usually go out of my way to read the wee plaque that says who it is in memory of.  Some are just basic name and dates, others are poignant, and a very few are funny. These are my favourites. When I get a load of spare disposable cash I’m going to get one with the plaque saying “Kev. 1962–TBA”.  Why wait until you’re dead to get the benefit?
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