Jazz gets a new Tick

Now if you thought I was talking about a little parasite then shame on you!  I’ll have you know that she has immaculate personal grooming. 1   No, it’s a birding term meaning that she has added a new species to her growing list: Water Rail. Today we were up at the SWT Knockshinnoch reserve in New Cumnock before a wander around an icy Glenafton.

These are very secretive birds and you hardly ever see them (although you often hear them in marshes: they sound like squealing piglets).  On one of the ponds were a few Teal that Jazz wanted to play with.  While she was sniffing them out, this Water Rail came out of the vegetation and started feeding.  It was about 3m away from us.  It’s a bit pathetic but I had to point it out to Jazz: such an impressive working dog.  The Water Rail totally ignored us and I managed to get a bit of video of it feeding. 2


  1. Thanks Dad, I’ll lie for you some time too.
  2. This was taken with a small compact digital camera, so don’t expect BBC HD quality!