Bruce Stone

Jazz and I had planned to do a circuit of the area around Lamachan Hill but the wind was too strong and the thought of Jazz’s big ears catching a gust, turning into an aerofoil, and her ending up on the Antrim hills wasn’t appealing. So we decided to have a sensible, pleasant wander around Glentrool instead.  Excellent decision: this is a beautiful spot and we’d thoroughly commend it to the house.  

Glentrool Oak Woods

Glentrool Oak Woods

We had parked at the Bruce’s Stone car-park at the end of the road up the glen.  Luckily the rough weather had kept the hordes away. We follow the track down through the gorgeous Glentrool Oak Woods.  We’ve been here in various seasons and it is always wonderful. Today the streams were in full spate after recent rains and the woods looked verdant and alive.  The bird-life was a lot quieter than when we came in the spring.  Stay on the track until it joins the Southern Upland Way and then continue clockwise around the loch.  Personally I think the views at the east end of the loch are the best, but really, the whole place is lovely.

Buchan Hill above the Oak Woods

Looking up the Gairland Burn with Rig of Jarkness beyond

View SW from Bruce's Stone

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