Glenwhargen Glen

Glenwhargen is not a place you’ll find by accident: it is far off the beaten track. But that makes this very special because this is a stunning gem tucked away in deepest Dumfries and Galloway.

Peat Craig and Scar Water valley

Frog spawn, Shiel Loch

As you drive up the narrow lane the hills start to rise up and tower over you. This is impressive even though they are not particularly high. I parked the car at NS769020, crossed the Scar Water and start climbing Peat Craig by a relatively obvious path.  This leads onto decent path leading up the spine of the ridge.  The view back down the valley was impressive.  The path wanders over Peat Hill and the White Knowe.  These are pretty dull except for Shiel Loch half way between.  Although this was Spring Equinox it felt as winter was still here.  Yet this lochan was just alive with frogs mating with frog spawn everywhere.  From here I dropped down to the road at the bridge: I wasn’t going to wade anything with this temperature.

Lichen on Southern Upland Way marker

Glenwhargen Craig from the SUW

From here we join the Southern Upland Way that has just come down the glen from the Striding Arches and follow it as it rises up the other side of the glen. After it skirts Cloud Hill we break off going over Welltrees Tappin and then swing south for Glenwhargen Craig.  The Craig gives some great views, especially for someone scared stiff of heights!  Luckily the desent back to the car takes the easier but still very steep grassy edge to a track leading down to the farm.

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